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According to Economist and entrepreneur, Paul Zane Pilzer, Ten million new millionaires will be created between 2006-2016.  His book, "The Next Millionaires (Internet Millionaire)", explains how you can become an Internet Millionaire - especially if you are in all of the following:

1.  Direct Selling
2.  Technology
3.  Home Based Business
4.  Product Distribution
5.  Wellness Revolution Industry

By the way, the Wellness Revolution Industry is an 
The Next Millionaires by Paul Zane Pilzer
The Wellness Revolution by Paul Zane Pilzer
The Wellness Revolution is headed by those Health MLM Nutrition company that are focused on disease prevention, anti-aging, fitness, etc. 

The most successful of these health wellness MLM nutrition company are those who have successfully replaced the old business models of opportunity based on "physical distribution" with new business models of opportunity based on "intellectual distribution", defined as teaching people about "cutting edge" products or services that they didn't even know exist.

The largest segment of the wellness revolution involves direct selling via health nutrition mlm distributors. Today's Health MLM Nutrition company will forego traditional advertising methods and are using MLM Distributors
to build their product awareness.  As a result, health MLM nutrition company saves hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising costs.  More than half of these savings are paid to the MLM Distributors via performance and incentive packed compensation plans.  The health MLM nutrition company that can create the "perfect storm", which consist of the perfect combination of product, price, andcompensation plan will enjoy healthy "win-win" relationships with their MLM Distributors making it possible for the health MLM nutrition company to make millions and millions, the company leadership to become an Internet millionaire, and the MLM Distributors to become an Internet Millionaire. 

The three keys to becoming a Wellness Revolution Internet Millionaire are:

1.  Find the "Right" Health MLM Nutrition Company
2.  Join a MLM Distributors Team
3.  Market the Product, the Company, and Youself as if you're
            ALREADY an Internet Millionaire!
The "Right" Health MLM Nutrition Company is...

MXI Xocai Chocolate

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Become an Internet Millionaire!

This Health MLM Nutrition Company receieves the HIGHEST Ratings and meets ALL of the "Perfect Storm" Requirements for helping you become an Internet Millionaire:

1.  Wellness Revolution Industry
2.  Technology
3.  Home Based Business
4.  Direct Selling
5.  Product Distribution
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emerging multi trillion-dollar industry and has already responsible for creating an expanding "Internet Millionaire" Group.
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