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The MXI Xocai business opportunity model is based on "intellectual distribution" of its line of high antioxidant foods instead of "physical distribution" of its line of high antioxidant foods.

Your primary job and responsibility as a MXI Xocai Distributor is simply to teach people about and expose them to MXI Xocai's new line of high antioxidant foods.  MXI Xocai takes care of the physical distribution of its
Traditional "main stream" Chocolate companies such as Hershey, Nestle, Dove, etc. use a "heat based" process to produce their chocolate antioxidant foods.  Heat kills practically ALL of the antioxidants that occur naturally in unprocessed chocolate, which leaves their chocolates useless as "antioxidant foods".  Adding milk and sugars to their chocolates furthur dilutes any chance of their antioxidant foods having any antioxidant value.  Instead of high antioxidant foods, they end up with expensive chocolate candy and market their chocolate candy as "healthy dark chocolate" (high antioxidant foods).

MXI Xocai created and patented a new "cold based" process which DOES NOT harm the antioxidant value of their chocolate products during the production process.  This cutting edge technology allows MXI Xocai to produce an incredible line of high antioxidant foods, also referred to as the "new superfoods"!
Here's how the MXI Xocai product line of "High Antioxidant Foods" stack up to the traditional well-known high antioxidant foods (super foods) based on a 100 gram comparison.
Review this homepage quote:

The most successful of these health wellness MLM nutrition companys (High Antioxidant Foods) are those who have successfully replaced the old business models of opportunity based on "physical distribution" with new business models of opportunity based on "intellectual distribution", defined as teaching people about "cutting edge" products or services that they didn't even know exist.
MXI Xocai's line of high antioxidant foods are certainly "cutting edge".  Most people don't even know that MXI Xocai has a line of high antioxidant foods or that a new line of "antioxidant superfoods" even exist.  Did you?
high antioxidant foods.  As you can see by the comparison above, MXI Xocai's high antioxidant foods products will sell themselves!
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