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    In his book "The Next Millionaires", Paul Zane Pilzer outlines the perfect blue print for becoming an internet millionaire.  MXI Xocai Chocolate fits this model perfectly.  If fact, after only 4 years of operations, MXI Xocai has already started producing home based internet millionaire families.   
The Next Millionaires by Paul Zane Pilzer
Blue Print for becoming an Internet Millionaire
    Now that MXI Xocai Chocolate has created the perfect business model for you, you need to understand and develop the "millionaire mind set" that will propel you to success with MXI Xocai Chocolate home based business. If you truly embrace the following Xocai Millionaire Mind set principles, together with the MXI Xocai cutting edge products and business model, you should have no problems becoming successful with your MXI Xocai Chocolate home based business.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind believes that 90% of success is determined by attitude and approach.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind makes a  commitment to become successful while others simply wish for or dream of success.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind constantly creates opportunities while others constantly focus on obstacles.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind uses the fear of the unknown to motivate them while others allow fear to stop them from taking action.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind aggressively promotes themselves and their business opportunities while others are afraid to sell and promote themselves.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind views rejection as part of the success learning curve while others allow rejection to weaken their commitment.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind chooses to get paid in the future based on results from current efforts and goal execution while others choose to get paid today based on their time invested today.
The Xocai Millionaire Mind does not have a mental comfort zone (they always think outside the box) while others choose to think within their mental comfort zones.
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